Cave Story®'s Secret Santa

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Be the Mimiga Who Saved Christmas

It’s our holiday gift to you: Cave Story’s Secret Santa, a new game you can download for a limited time and play for FREE! It’s a bite-sized side story of stealth and puzzle solving, with familiar characters and settings from Studio Pixel’s classic adventure.

After Balrog recovers the Christmas presents that were stolen by Chaba, the cowardly Mimiga named Santa must sneak into every home and return the missing packages. As he tiptoes past the beds of sleeping residents and avoids being seen by patrolling Gaudi, Santa finds useful items, eats delicious cookies and places the gifts under the Christmas trees where they belong.

Santa can push or pull obstacles, turn light switches on and off, pry open ventilator shafts and more. But he’ll have to watch out for hazards and avoid making any noises that might attract attention. Get Cave Story’s Secret Santa before it’s gone!


  • Return gifts to 20 unique homes across three familiar zones
  • Find and consume delicious cookies
  • Discover hidden passageways and secret surprises

Platform: Steam, GOG, Epic
Release Date: December 10, 2021
Players: 1
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