Air Missions: HIND


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Get in a HIND and Ride the Wind!

They call it the “Flying Tank”: the legendary Mi-24 HIND assault helicopter that combines massive attack firepower with speedy troop transportation. Take it to the skies above dangerous combat zones and show your superiors that your piloting and gunning skills are second to none!

Part simulator and part arcade-style action game, Air Missions: HIND brings authentic real-life military helicopters and armaments into fictitious conflicts where fun is the only consequence. Think you’ve got what it takes to pilot a 10-ton armored gunship?


  • 18 Campaign missions including a training level
  • Single-player modes also include Instant Action, Instant Mission and Test Flight modes across Europe and Asia
  • Six playable attack helicopters: Mi-24, Mi-24A or Mi-35 HIND, Ka-50 HOKUM, Mi-8 HIP and Mi-28 HAVOC
  • Optional camouflage patterns and selectable weapons, including R-50 homing missiles, FAB bombs and more
  • Online multiplayer options include deathmatch and cooperative missions
  • Three difficulty levels with separate options for difficulty tuning (auto-aim, friendly fire, collisions, damage)
  • Selectable camera views including pilot and gunner cockpit views, infrared and guided missile cam
  • Control settings for casual, novice and advanced pilots with axis inversion and adjustable sensitivity

Platform: Epic
Release Date: September 27, 2021
Players: 1-4
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AIR MISSIONS: HIND © 2018 Games Farm and 3DIVISION. All rights reserved.

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