'90s Super GP

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DECIDED LIKE THIS: The Key to Racing is Unlocking the Past

It is the nineties, and there is time for arcade racing! ’90s Super GP is soaked in the nostalgia of the greatest era of racing video games, when “realism” and tedious minutiae took a back seat to fantastic environments, hyperspeed drifting and paint-scraping!

Offering three different racing classes and a variety of exciting gameplay modes, ’90s Super GP skillfully combines the feel and aesthetic of classic arcade racers with the polish, physics modeling and widescreen HD visuals of current-generation games.


  • Intense stock car, supercar and formula racing in the style of the best arcade racers of the 1990s
  • Bright colors, crazy track layouts and dance music evoke the golden era of arcade racing games
  • Finely tuned driving physics with precision handling and old-school drifting
  • 12 unique vehicles with different attributes and customizable colors
  • Six dynamic and shortcut-filled courses, three of which have “Long” and “Short” variations
  • Arcade mode for quick races in any unlocked vehicle on any unlocked course
  • Championship mode with four circuits in each of the stock, supercar and formula racing classes
  • Local and online multiplayer modes, online leaderboards

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4
Release Date: Soon!
Players: 1 to 2
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*Steam version not rated by the ESRB

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