Welcome to Nicalis.com. In case you're not familiar with us or what we do--we <3 playing and making video games. Real simple, our goal is to ensure that players everywhere can experience more great games on whatever platform that might be.

Maybe you've heard of some awesome collaborations such as Cave Story (various platforms). Or you've played VVVVVV (eShop, developed by Distractionware) on the Nintendo 3DS--even possibly our internally developed ambient, platform-puzzle game NightSky (various platforms). There are also some of our upcoming games like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, 1001 Spikes, Legend of Raven and '90s Arcade Racer.

By the way, we DO work with other publishers and developers, too! From high concepts to completed design documents, we can do just about anything related to game development and production. That includes 2D and 3D artwork/animation, game design, localization, audio and comprehensive product evaluations. We'd maybe love to work with you! Just one thing, WE DON'T ACCEPT RFPs; if you want to work with us great! Hire us or something! :)

So, some more "important stuff", we're licensed on all major platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, iOS (isn't everyone?), OS X, Android and most everything else in between. By the way, did we mention that our experience dates back to the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo?! 16-bit is still awesome. \( * ^ _ ^)/

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Developers interested in working together should look at our Unite page for more details on what we actually do.

Wanna be BFFs? Contact us! Let's be friends! And follow us on Twitter, too!


Nicalis is founded

Cave Story and "Night Game" (development name) announced for WiiWare

"Night Game" nominated the for Independent Games Festival IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Design
Cave Story is on display at Nintendo booth at E3

Cave Story is on display at the Nintendo booth at GDC
Cave Story for WiiWare (03.22NA, and DSiWare are released

NightSky (01.06), Cave Story 3D (11.08NA, 11.11EU), Cave Story+ (11.11 Steam) and VVVVVV (12.29NA eShop) are released

Nicalis attends PAX Prime, displaying 1001 Spikes
VVVVVV (05.10EU eShop), Swift Stitch (07.05 iOS), Cave Story 3D (07.26 JP), Cave Story eShop (11.04NA) and NightSky eShop (11.12NA) are released

Ikachan eShop (01.31NA) and NightSky HD (03.14 iOS) are released
Nicalis announces development and publishing of The '90s Arcade Racer with Pelikan13
Nicalis attends E3 and displays 1001 Spikes for PS Vita at the Sony booth
1001 Spikes at Sony booth E3
Nicalis attends Anime Expo, displaying 1001 Spikes
Nicalis attends Comikaze, displaying 1001 Spikes
Grinsia for 3DS and other platforms announced
Legend of Raven for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita announced
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth announced

Expect us at a few conventions, conferences and expos! and let's be friends, for real!
\(^ _ ^ * )/